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Bid Estimates

Bid Items

- Curtain Wall

- Storefront

- Aluminum Entrances and Door Hardware

- Windows, Operable and Fixed

- Sliders, Bi-Folding Partitions and Multi-Sliders

- Channel Glazing and Herculite Entrances

- Lites, into products by others

- Railing, Windscreen, Guardrails and Pool Gates

- Showers

- Mirrors

Documents Reviewed

To make sure the all the details are collected, we diligently review the following construction sets and specifications accordingly.

     - Architectural Drawings

     - General Drawings

     - Interior Design Drawings

     - Landscape Drawings

Bid Estimates


The service Van Drafting provides is a refence reflecting our interpretation of the scope. It is the clients responsibility to review before submittal. 

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