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Shop Drawings

Generated in GDS and completed with CAD

Shop drawings include:

     - Cover Sheet with Materials and Terms

     - Floorplans 

     - Manufacture's Details and Elevations

     - Architectural Perimeter Details

     - Title Block with Company's Logo 

     - Door & Hardware Schedules (per quote)

Shop Drawing


- Client is responsible of review before submitting to design team, obtaining approvals before proceeding with construction and  final measurements before proceeding with fabrication

- Van Drafting will not ensure details provided meet Local, National and State requirements 

- Provide Floorplan in CAD format to Van Drafting

- Shop Drawings will be submitted in PDF format (not prints or CAD files)

- (1) single revision is included 

- Engineering calculations and stamp is not conducted by Van Drafting

- Van Drafting will not carry out city coordination or deferred submittals

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